Friday, January 9, 2009

Useful Tool

My first plane was this Buck Bros. block plane. It made shavings out of the box, right after I had bought it from Home Depot for about $12. It was really fun to use(my standards were pretty low), and it would make shavings(not on end-grain though). I still use a lot in my shop-as a scrub plane. I heavily rounded the sides of the blade, flattened the sole a little, and added a bigger handle than the lame tiny one it came with. I use it now for quickly removing wood from the edge of a board. I won't really use it on a board's face, unless there truly is a lot to remove. The bonus of this plane's size is that it is small and light enough to use on small pieces, and the horn in front makes it extremely easy to use. It is extremely useful and my go-to tool for heavy stock removal. On a side note, I don't ever remember sharpening it, but it's razor sharp blade(that I could cut the hair on my arm with) persists, and enables this high-quality, precision made plane to tackle anything.
Not really. At all.(Though it is useful.)

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