Saturday, July 2, 2011

It's Here!

Another power tool has crept into the shop, somehow avoiding the hand-tool force field. This is the first hand held power tool that I have ever bought in my life: the Bosch Colt palm router. I don't know if owning this tool officially takes me out of any hand tool cults, but I certainly hope not. I bought this tool because of the ease in which it accomplishes tasks not fitted for hand tools, such as stopped dadoes, dadoes in general, and things such as breadboard ends. These tasks are doable by hand (I've done them before), but are tedious and time consuming, and often don't turn out too well. So far I have been very impressed with how it runs (or gallops), I did some research online and most agreed that this palm router is the one to have. I ordered some whiteside bits, and bought the router from Lowes. Lowes was having some kind of special, so I got a free upcut spiral bit for free. I hope that this tool will allow to me to work faster, so I can get more projects done.