Sunday, January 18, 2009

Toolcase Part 5

After the door's components are adjusted to satisfaction, I painted the pane, as it will be easier now than later. I used milk paint where you add water to powder. I got sea green, but I think a slightly more green color would have gone better with the walnut. I think the sea green would be nice with a lighter wood, such as cherry. I gave the panel two coats on both sides and after each coat, I lightly sanded with 320 grit. I then prepared the door for drawboring and glued it up with a little glue. This is a first for me, and it woked extremly well, the hardest part was making the pegs so they had a gapless fit on the exit side of the hole. This is the door gluing. I also glued up the case. I didn't use any clamps on either the case or the door, the door was kind of self-clamping with the drawboring, and the dovetails held themselves together.

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