Wednesday, June 29, 2011

68 days... the number of days in which a single new post has not appeared on this blog. That's slightly embarrassing. I am inspired to write this new post because it was requested by one of my readers as a place to go when they have real work to do (and want to avoid doing it). Because one reader is the significant majority of the people who know about or read this blog, I feel it is my democratic duty to write a new post.

I have continued to work on the stool project, I am learning that making every joint a through mortise and tenon is not speedy, but will be worth it. I tapered the legs on the bandsaw, cleaned them up, and cut the upper joinery (which I don't really seem to have a picture of). The lower stretchers I clamp in place and trace the front scribe line using the legs. Completed sub assembly:

I also was distracted by some boards I cut a while ago that had been peacefully sitting in the corner until now. I decided to make a clock; the main wood I believe is maple with some kind of stain in the middle (if anyone knows what this is I would love to hear from you, if this helps, it smells reminiscent of defecation), the dots are walnut pegs, the hands are wenge. To mill this horribly cupped piece of wood I first flattened the concave side, and then took it to the bandsaw, referencing off the flat side. I am pleased with how it came out.

And if there happens to be a particularly astute reader he/she may be wondering on the mission lamp stand that I had blogged about previously. Well here's the situation; I called a local electrical store and had them order the appropriate part. They said they would call when it came in, which was going to be about two weeks. Now I don't know if they just forgot to call me, or if that lonely lamp harp is really sitting somewhere in a box, presumably being shipped via Andean llama, and has not arrived. In this situation most people would just call the company and inquire on the part's status. In classic woodshopbug fashion however, I have forgotten which electrical company I ordered it from, and am too lazy to call around to make any inquiries.

Later this week I am BUYING A NEW TOOL, so stay tuned.