Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Grinder

After obtaining the proper hardware for the grinder, I put it all together. Since prior to assembly I had worked it all out, it felt like a kit. The base is plywood and has a 3/4" thick spacer on it, and a large block next to the motor(drill). This is all lag-bolted from the bottom. The drill is screwed on to the large block on top. The tool holder is made from three pieces and is all screwed together. I really don't like it, but the nice wing nuts I had bought for it, the matching bolt was too small. Next time I'm at the hardware store I'll by some hanger bolts, and make a more usable rest. I've tested it, it's loud(I can't hear my radio) but works fine. It's pretty slow speed, though I've already blued a blade up(nothing important). The only thing I'm going to change is the tool-rest, and to make the switch more permanent. Besides those things, it's pretty solid.

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