Monday, September 6, 2010

Better Drift Adjuster

I know that you're probably all tired of more bandsaw stuff, but I thought that I would share my method of improving my fence.  Before I had used washers to shim the fence, but I began to find those annoying and coarse to use.  So I tapped a hole for a thumbscrew into the t track.  I can now correct for drift with almost infinite angles.

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Trevor Walsh said...

On a different note, I was working on the dovetail saw today, got the plate cut and the back folded and straight. I hat a royal bitch of a time getting the saw plate straight after attaching the back. It was straight, the back was straight then when I put them together it was all messed up. wavy in both directions. I don't know what to do, I've spent about 3 hours trying to get the kinks out to no avail. Not even close. I'm thinking about Mike Wenzlof's Shop Notes Kit.