Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Small Update

As you may have noticed, I haven't posted very much lately.  This is due to the fact that unfortunately I have had barely any time in the shop recently.  Today I am recovering from oral surgery and cannot do much.  But I have taken some pictures for your perusal- enjoy.
 Newly turned on heater that makes woodworking in upstate Ny winters possible.
 Wood that I have cut.
 Almost finished butternut music bookshelf.
 New Grizzly grinder ($35 including shipping!).
 Left end of bench.
 Right end of bench.
 Drill chuck I cut out of an old cordless drill that wouldn't hold a charge.
Allows me to use small diameter bits with my drill press.


your contact to the botanic garden said...

Nice music bookcase; messy benchtop.

Elizabeth said...

hey, the music case is looking gorgeous! she's going to love it.

hope the jaw is feeling better.

glad the heat is on!

go, woodshop bug!

what's the deal with people spamming you? bother.

mehtab said...

Nice blog.
take care

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Pastor Daniel Stevenson said...

I know it'sa simple thing really, but I thought the drill adaptor you came up with is a great idea. I think I can use it.

God bless!

Daniel Stevenson