Thursday, August 5, 2010

Homemade Bandsaw Fence

I made this rip fence for my bandsaw using 5/16" T-slot track (2'), T-bolts (2"), cam clamp, thumbscrew thingies, and T-nuts.  The T-track is screwed to the front of the table using existing tapped holes.  Edit: Later I posted about how I adjust for blade drift here.  The fence has a detachable auxiliary fence (the white part) so at some point I can make a low profile fence, and maybe a high profile fence.  The white fence pictured here is about 4" tall.  As you can see I use the cam clamp, and a knob to secure the fence.  In the future I will replace the knob with another cam because I find that the knob's rotational movement occasionally causes the fence to shift when I am tightening down.  The wooden bar on the far end of the table is to support the fence when it is off the table.  Later I added the miter slot cut-out to the T-track. 

Next I added a brush to the wheel.  it is made from a old nylon brush.  Everything is epoxied together.

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