Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wenzloff Saw Kit Completed

I finally completed the handle for the Wenzloff tenon saw kit. It's bubinga with some coats of Watco's oil/varnish mixture. I am very pleased with the results. Bob Rozaieski made a great video of making a handle for a Wenzloff kit on his podcast. These kits are a great way to buy quality saws at a great price, provided that you are willing to make the handle.

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Trevor Walsh said...

That's sAwsome. I've got some angle iron to fold for saw backs once I get some cash to order sawplate. I shouldn't have that for a while though, I'm going out this weekend to buy 6x8 beams for my workbench legs and some beech for a Moxon twin screw bench vise.

I'm going to be poor.