Saturday, July 10, 2010

Grizzly Riser Block Install

Shortly after I bought my bandsaw I bought and installed a Grizzly riser block. I didn't know if it would fit my saw since my saw is not a grizzly saw. First impressions were not great as the instructions were crumpled, but everything else was packed nicely. It didn't really matter since I had already read the instructions online.

To begin installation I stripped down the saw, and unbolted the bolt that connects the top half to the bottom half of the saw. Then I dropped in the riser block, after drilling out the paint that was in the bottom holes of the riser block with a 1/4" bit. After this slight modification the block fit very well.
Then I placed the top half back on and slipped in the long bolt supplied with the kit. Then I reassembled the saw which included putting in the new blade guard on the left side of the saw. This is well made and fit nicely. The one thing that I knew wouldn't work was the replacement guide post, as the one supplied with the kit was round but the one I needed was a hex shaped post. Other than that the kit worked very well. After this I ordered a blade from Highland Woodworking that is specially designed to cut green wood. Why green wood? Stay tuned.

Video on how to install a riser block:

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