Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Teeth Cutting

Here is how I cut the teeth in the saw. Before I did anything, I jointed the top of the teeth with a flat file. Then, I taped the template(15 tpi) to the steel. After that, I made a notch, with a triangular file, at each line in the template. After the entire saw is notched, I took a piece of wood and drilled a hole in it. Then, I wedged the file in so that one side is 90 degrees to the edge of the block. This acts as a guide to file consistent teeth, because if you grip the handle of the file with one hand, and the block with your other, it is fairly easy to keep the block parallel with the steel, and thus create perfect teeth. After the notching and file accessorizing, you deepen each tooth so that it is its full size. That is it until final sharpening and the setting of the teeth.To make this easier, darken the tops with black marker.

The reason for all these steps is that the more consistant the teeth are, the smoother the saw will cut.

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