Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mini roubo style bench

I've been wanting to have a decent workbench for a long time. My chance finally came when I was browsing Craig's List, and happened upon an ad for wood on the cheap from an old barn someone was dismantling. The wood was pine, and from planing down a little bit, it looked tightly grained, and yellow. Apparently, the barn was built around 1820, and the beams are hewn. What was left of the barn was quite striking. I bought two 6" by 6" by 7' pieces. This will be enough for a 3" 18" x 6' top, plus some stretchers. I will later return, and buy more wood for the legs.

I am going to build my bench in the style of the roubo, just scaled down, since I really don't need that big of a bench. Instead of a crochet, I will install my small vise. I will also use a wagon vise.

Most likely, I will bring my lumber to a big shop where I can rough mill my lumber.

Now my only problem with this is what do I do when I go to college, perhaps I can make some room in my dorm...

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