Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shelf Glue-up

To make large panels, you have to either buy stock that is wide enough, or you must glue two (or more!) boards to make a wider one. For the shelf, that is exactly what I did. First I flattened one face, and squared one edge square to the flat face. I do this to both boards. To do the glue-up, I have the flat faces facing down on another flat surface (in this example, my saw bench) and put some clamps across the joint. The small clamps and holdfast help keep the flat faces from moving and potentially bowing of cupping. After the glue is done drying, I flatten the face that I flattened before, to make one flat face on the panel. Then I scribe a line of desired thickness, referencing off my flat face, and plane to the line. Finish up with a smoothing plane.

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