Friday, April 2, 2010

Next Project!

For my next project, I will be building a shaker-style side table. Here is my design, it will have tapered legs like the front right leg in the sketch. I'm still experimenting with what taper looks best, I think that I will try a more subtle one. I have mapped out where all the components will come out of the boards, and have broken down and stickered the boards. For this project I tried a new lumber supplier that is much closer to my house. I have never seen so much lumber in one place before. It was so much fun, they had outbuildings full of all sorts of stuff. The only thing I didn't really like was that the boards were kind of hard to sift through to find one I really liked. I bought two 1" thick walnut boards, and one 8/4 walnut board, and one board of poplar. The widest board I will use for the top and shelf, and the thick walnut will be for the legs. The leg board is really nice, it's almost perfectly riftsawn, and even has a subtle curl to it. Unfortunately I had to cut it by hand, which took a while. I started by gluing the panel for the drawer together. It is a spring joint, and I simplified the glue-up by doing it on my wagon vise. This keeps everything flat.

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