Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bench Work

I did a lot more work on my bench, I crosscut the beams to length, and chopped sixteen 7/8" wide, by 1 1/2" deep, by 2" long mortises. It was fairly easy, I just drilled two 3/4" holes, and chopped out the rest. The pine was pretty soft, so this went along quickly, and I didn't worry about bruising the sides, as they won't be seen. I then fitted the 8 loose tenons, they are white oak left over from the footstool project. I then turned to the dog holes, 3" from edge to edge of each other. They are 1" square, and angled slightly towards the wagon vise. Here's how I make their doghouses.
Two sawcuts, another saw cut, another sawcut, chiseling out waste, then cleaning up with router plane.Since it is cross-grain, it is best to use a V-blade, but mine isn't very sharp yet (more about that in another post), so I used the 1/2" straight blade, and scored the corners of this dado with a knife.
More distractions-Gramercy Handlemaker's rasp with hand cut teeth,
-1/4", 3/8", 1/2", and 5/8" #50 cutters that I got from ebay for very cheap, and they were practically like new. I highly recommend their seller-gandmtoolsales.

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