Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Latest Purchases

Here are some things I just got. The first is a large bench screw, it's 24" long, has a 2" diameter and is 2 tpi. As you can see in the photo, it's threads are very chipped, but I plan on cutting the worst bit out. To fill the large cracks, I used epoxy. I'll use it for a leg vise. Because the screw isn't extremely smooth, the parallel guide will be on rollers, as stolen from Jameel Abraham. The plane is a #4, type 8(I think). I bought it off ebay, and it isn't quite what I expected. I planned an buying a plane with all the parts, just really crappy, so I could overhaul it and not feel bad. This one has about 95% japanning, and it's handles are really nice, therefore I will only touch the metal, and electrolysis is ruled out(it will bubble the jappanning).

I will post my progress with it.

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