Sunday, October 26, 2008

New chisel handle

I made a handle for this chisel a while ago, but it was too short so I never really used it. I made a new one today out of mystery wood and a 1/2" brass t-fitting. The outside of the fitting was really rough so I first cleaned that up. Then I used a piece of stock from a piece of wood I found in my basement, and planed it into a comfortable oval. Then I tapered it so it would blend well with the circular ferrule. For the tang you must drill a stepped hole. This is done by trial and error.
And now you have an excellent handle for a high quality, but(hopefully) cheap chisel.

In this photo the handle only has one coat of oil finish. My favorite detail is the 1/2" stamped on the front of the ferrule(the chisel is also 1/2")

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thetermite24 said...

if mystery wood is anything like mystery meat, its probably a roadkill tree... just sayin...