Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Some News

*blows dust off keyboard*
 So contrary to the obvious lack of posts on my blog, I actually have been doing some woodworking, I've just been too busy/lazy to write about it.  Actually that's not true.  The truth is that I've been cheating on you readers.  Yes I have been writing on another blog.  This is because I was working on my senior English class.  What does woodworking and blogging have to do with English class?  Well I haven't totally figured that out myself yet, but I do know that I had a lot of fun working on my project and writing on it.  The blog is WISE Woodworks; start from the beginning for the full narrative experience.  Here is what I built; a wooden music stand for my trombone teacher:
I am very happy with how it turned out.  I have also been making a couple of friends knives in preparation for the apocalypse.  This one is in Burmese blackwood.  The kit is available here

The next one I'm doing is a bowie hidden tang style using Indian rosewood, available here.  I will also be making leather sheaths which is my first foray into leatherwork, so stay tuned for that. 

My next project is making three kitchen counter stools.  The base will be a simple half-lap and mortise construction, with the seat being slatted and curved similar to a park bench.  Here is the mock-up I have made to test out the comfort.  The back rest will be in the same position as it is in the prototype, but will not look identical.  You might recognize the base from the conductor's stool project.  I'm glad I kept it.


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mirriam ndunge said...

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James said...

HAHA, well, it is nice to know you are still in the woodworking sphere. That's pretty handy knife set! I'd love to give those as gifts to my mates, too!

Esther said...

this is such an art! i like the part of you cheating on us readers :D

Alvin said...

Looking forward to hear from you about your next projects..