Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shop Upgrades

Believe it or not I have actually been much more busy during December than it might seem.

I remade the moving dog part of my wagon vise, making it more robust, and with a better fitting dog. I really should have made the block using lamination the first time, it was much easier and is more precise.

I also figured out a way to play my ipod through an old boom box we have, which makes a much bigger sound.
For christmas I got some woodworking gifts including a 3" granite surface plate. When not in use it is good for adding extra weight to my bench.

I also discovered that the lower thrust bearing for my bandsaw guides has completely seized up, so I will need to replace it, possibly today.


Mitchell said...

I like the 3" granite. Nice Christmas present. Did you know what it was before you unwrapped it?

thewoodshopbug said...

Oh yes...