Saturday, June 26, 2010

Side Table- Finished!

With the top done, I moved on to securing the top to the base. I used low profile wooden buttons in the front, and glue blocks with enlarged holes for the back. With that done, I moved on to the finish. For the first two coats I used a mixture of 1 part oil+varnish, 1 part varnish, and 1 part mineral spirits. This creates a wiping varnish with a little bit of oil. For the base I added one coat of pure wiping varnish. For the top I added 3 more. I think that overall the project came out pretty well, there are some imperfections, but they are pretty minor. Here is the table next to its "sister" table.


catty anne said...

Hey bug,
It's a great project that I know you worked hard on and I really like it.

Trevor Walsh said...

Nice, I'm impressed, I hope the drawer dovetails on my coffee table come out nearly that good.

Trevor Walsh

thewoodshopbug said...

I'm sure they will Trevor, good luck and keep writing.

Monarch Hill said...

It's great to see one of your finished projects! It's wonderful!