Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year, New Saws

Recently I bought some saws, a tenon saw and a carcase saw. I also completed the handle for my half-back saw. As you can see, I have polished the saw in the center. The dovetail saw I bought when I first started woodworking. It has a large chip in the blade, but it still works okay. Sometime I'm going to buy the Gramercy dovetail saw kit. Both of the new back saws are Spear and Jackson. The one with the brass back has a leapfrog stamp, and has an etch that says that it was made specially for T E Jay Tool Merchant, Chichester. I'm going to re-handle the carcase saw, but no the tenon saw(the brass-backed one). The carcases' handle it not very comfortable, and plus, I can make a handle that will be like this!

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