Friday, June 19, 2009

Workbench Legs

I've been working on my workbench, I have all the legs made! Each leg is laminated from 3 pieces, except for the last one which is only two pieces. That one will be in the back right corner. After the glue was dry, I leveled each leg out , and jointed it. The front stretchers will have to wait to made once the top is done, they are too long to work on my bench.
I also purchased a router plane. It is a Stanley #71 1/2, less fancy than the 71, but whatever. It has a beautiful patina, the nickel plating is gone, and underneath there is a bronze-colored plating. It only came with one blade the 1/4", so I will have to buy some new ones. I know that Lee Valley sells them. The other bad thing is that the cutter adjustment wheel is made poorly, the tapped hole is off-center, causing the wheel to bind up when turned. To fix this, I filed the cutter's slot, making it bigger. This causes more backlash, but at least it works smoothly.

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