Sunday, April 5, 2009

Toolcase: Finished

For the finish, I used high-gloss tung oil, and paste wax. All of the walnut got 3 coats of oil over 3 days. I use a t-shirt as an applicator. For the wax, I use a t-shirt to wipe on a layer, and let it sit for about 30 seconds. I then buff it out. I didn't oil the painted portions, even though the paint package says you can, when I tried, I failed, so I only rubbed on some wax.

I apoligize for the not-so-good photos, I went outside to get some better light than the weird creepy light of my basement, where this piece will hang.


Bob Easton said...

Very nice!!! Maybe I'll build one some day. For now, a rack along the wall does the job, but not nearly so handsomely.

Luke Townsley said...

I'm in the process of building one. It isn't pretty, which is fine. However, I'm not really happy with the design now that I'm almost done. It seems too small and difficult to upgrade for new tool additions.

I am wishing that I had made a traditional tool chest instead. I may do it anyway when I get enough money for the wood.

Maybe after I look at it awhile, I will get used to it and maybe even like it.

I hope you enjoy yours.

Stephen Shepherd said...

Nice tool case. When I first saw it I had thought you had painted it with 'blackboard' paint so you could write notes on the surface.