Saturday, December 13, 2008

Making a Plough Plane: Part 1

To make the groove in the rails and stiles of the frame and panel door I needed have the means to make the groove. I would have considered doing it freehand, except the panel is thinner than my thinnest chisel. So I decided to make a quick and dirty plane. For the blade I used the same metal that was used in the blade for my Stanley 78. To make the bevel, I screwed the stock onto a scrap piece of wood. I then went to work with coarse sandpaper on glass. For the body I first made a rabbet 1/2" wide and 1/8" deep. This works since the body will be a three piece lamination, and the cutter is 3/16" wide. The skate is 1/16" thick, so that leaves the blade standing 1/6" out on each side. Simply screw the skate on. The skate extends 1/2" below the plane, but I might trim that down a bit.

Stay tuned for the exciting Part 2.


jbreau said...

that's pretty neat. your a pretty intrepid tool maker. it's nice to see a no nonsense approach to woodworking... don't have a tool? make it. how does the saw work anyhow? how did you set the teeth?

thewoodshopbug said...

Thank you, most of my tool projects comes from necessity. For the saw, I admit I didn't actually set the teeth. From cutting the teeth, there was burr that was left next to the teeth. I simply retained this, and made the burr a little more smooth.