Sunday, August 17, 2008

The looting of Geneva

While away from home, I visited many antique shops. I found a drawknife, a Millerfalls #5 plane, and a Stanley #78 in excellent condition with the small exception that it was missing all of its parts. They were all bought for $5 each. While at a store I noticed some unusual tools. There was a plane that looked like a Stanley bedrock (it had flat sides), except that the lever cap said V&B, (or maybe it was just VB). I assume that makes it a Victor Bailey. Also their numbers were in the 900's. They were about $125 each (there were two sizes, a 903 and a 905).
The Miller Falls plane had a hideous black painted lever cap. I filed most of it off. Here is the end result (shown on my Groz #4):
(I think it looks very classy.) The Miller Falls also had quite a thick blade. It was very close to 1/8". Unfortunately, it is very chipped and I don't have a grinder.

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Anonymous said...

classy indeed woodshop bug... classy indeed, though in all honesty that bottom picture does look pretty nice, whats with the wood shavings on the plane? also what kinda wood is the knob thingy... and wheres my stool???